Your Best Is Good Enough

The following will be very difficult to read and accept if you have not completed your search of your heart, mind, and soul. As you read please do not reject what is said. Complete your search, know and understand true, pure, real, love, before you make your choices. Take all the time you need, days, weeks, months, years, to search your heart, mind, and soul to know and understand love. Search your very being, until you know and understand what it means to love everyone with true, pure, real, love.

If you understand love you know loving does not require you to mechanically follow a set pattern of “right” actions. You know instead that if you love you will do the best you can in every situation, even if you cannot determine what the real solution is. If you love you do your best, and doing your best is something you can always do. Doing your best simply requires that which you are capable of, nothing more.

This does not mean loving is any easier because you do not have to know what the “correct” answer is. On the contrary, to say love requires you to do your best is to say that love requires of you all you have to give. Love requires everything you can give, your total effort. By requiring only that which you are capable of giving, it is always your choice whether you love or don’t love. If you understand love you know it is your choice and your choice alone, to love or not to love. It is a profound responsibility to be able, every moment of your life, to love or not to love.

If you love another human being you are giving that human being your very best. If you love every human being you are doing the very best you can do for each of them. Similarly, if they love you they are doing the very best they can for you. It is not hard to see that a world where each and every person loves each and every other person would be the best possible world.

Since each of us can love if and when we want to love, a world filled with love is very much a possibility. Pure love is so rare a quantity in daily life it may seem almost impossible that, if they are willing, people can love all other people. Yet they can. We can bring about a world filled with love, a world that is worth living for.

Few seriously expect to see a day on earth when all people love one another. There are too many people for whom physical pleasure is more desirable than love. Only the most optimistic hold hope for a world filled with love. So, what is the next best world?

If you understand love you know you can love people even if they do not love you. You can always choose to love, and if love is the best you can do, does it not seem true that you should love even if you are not loved? Does it not seem true that you should always choose love?

If life ends with physical death, perhaps the proper response to hate would not be love but would be some form of resistance to hate that minimizes its influence on others. Yet that cannot be true if our conclusions are correct. We have already explained why we believe that if existence ends with physical death the “nothing” that would follow death would cause any response to be as if it never was. What if life continues after death, would it matter what we do when faced with hate?

If life exists beyond the grave, and if love is the best part of life in this world, does it not seem intuitively likely that if life after death is to be good it will be an existence filled with love? Of course we are dealing with questions beyond human ability to answer, we are in fact in the murky area where intellect, insight, and intuition blend with belief and faith. There is no way at all we can say anything concrete about what life after death may or may not be like. Yet there exists a “feeling” that at least a portion of whatever lies beyond the grave, if anything, possesses the positive characteristics of life in this world. If we come to believe the most positive aspect of life is love, then it somehow seems intuitively true that if those who choose to love on earth enter a life after death, it will be a life that is filled with love.

So, what is our answer? Who should you love? If loving is good, the question really becomes is there anyone you should not love? If you understand love you know you can always love someone even if the person you love hates you. When you hate those who hate you, you are doing the same wrong to them they are doing to you. The natural reaction is to hate those who hate you, yet if you understand love you should, after deep thought and consideration, reach the conclusion that since you never have to hate, you should always love (in our books we discuss if we should love someone who has totally rejected love).

What if the person who hates you continues to hate you, and does all kinds of evil to you and to others without sign of remorse? Again, if you understand love you know you can always love another person even if that person hates you. If we agree that the best we can do in this life, and in a life after death if one exists, is to love each other, the answer seems clear. If it is your choice to love or not, you should choose to love every moment of your earthly life. That means you should love even if you are not loved, even if you are hated.

If love is worth living for in this life, it is worth living for in whatever life may follow death. If it is possible that we continue to exist after death, it would seem that we should love now with the hope that when we die we will pass into a life where love will not only continue, but will be shared by all who join us there.

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