Is That All There Is

If it is true that your existence ends with physical death, does that mean that your life is meaningless? As we have said, our answer is probably (but not certainly) yes. Therefore, is it true that your life has no meaning? The answer is no. If we are somehow more than our physical bodies, if we can exist beyond and apart from those bodies, then perhaps each of us survives physical death and continues to exist, in some manner and form, beyond the grave. If you are, or you become through living, a unique individual who possesses the ability to engage in rational thought and exercise freedom of choice, perhaps you have an existence beyond your physical mind and body.

Since the dawn of recorded history people have thought and written about existence beyond physical death. Some have suggested that extra sensory perception, premonitions, unexplained knowledge of past events, etc., are part of the world beyond death. Perhaps the unique being which each of us is, the present existence that makes your choices and your life yours alone, exists now and after your death in a realm beyond the physical. Perhaps each of us continues to exist in a manner and fashion infinitely beyond our ability to imagine, let alone comprehend, perhaps not.

A great number of people have spent vast amounts of time and effort studying all manner of phenomena outside everyday experiences. Many, most, or even all “inexplicable” events may be explained by future generations of scientists. We have little difficulty accepting that there are events which are in fact controlled by forces beyond our present knowledge. If they are true phenomena, and not products of the mind, their very existence strongly suggests that there is a world which is quite real lying somewhere beyond normal human perception.

There are no present answers to the questions posed by what many perceive to be “metaphysical” events. Our book deals with what the meaning and purpose of life is. As we continue you will see that the question of whether or not anyone has witnessed supernatural phenomena originating from a world beyond the grave is not important. You will see that even if no one ever has any contact in this world with a world beyond the grave, it does not mean that such a world does not exist. We simply don’t need to look for metaphysical events in our lives to understand what life is all about. At this point we ask that you keep an open mind about life after death. For now, please accept the possibility, however remote you may feel it is, that in some manner and fashion we continue to exist after our physical death.

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